In advertising, print media lead the field by clear margin before the internet

Online information is on the increase, but without challenging the existence of printed paper. Providing different benefits, both media satisfy user needs. Electronic media excel by the speed of dissemination of information, whereas print attracts consumers by its elaborate production and optical appearance, its ease of handling and user friendliness or simply by the pleasure of reading it provides.

Print media are the prototypes of wireless communication: long before iPad &  Co. entered the scene, print media could be carried around to any place. Advanced print processes or the print on demand option help to meet user expectations better than before. In many cases, the two media form a symbiosis. Newspapers and magazines provide Internet portals, and online offerings are solicited on a cross media basis in brochures and flyers or they appear as an additional information source in the form of quick response codes in newspapers.

Advertising is considered an important benchmark. It is undeniable that the proportion of online advertising is on the rise. However, with a share of 11% the Internet clearly lags behind print media which together hold 55% of the advertising pie. (Zentralverband der deutschen Werbewirtschaft).

Incidentally, renowned online suppliers like google, too, rely on print advertising for their products (